How Does It Work?

How do I get my photos displayed on 88%?

Take a photo on your mobile phone, camera or blow the cyber dust off your old photo files!

Submit your photo here.

Your photo will automatically be entered into one of our contests for an opportunity to win cash and other prizes for your work!


Do I have to pay to have my photos on 88%?

There is a small fee to have your photos displayed on the 88% website.  This fee is what allows us to provide the 88% profit on photos that you sell.  This fee will also enter your photo into one of our competition(s).  If your photo reaches the top 20 finalists, it will also be displayed on our social media sites below.

How much will my photo sell for?

A photos sale price is decided in comparison with similar products on other stock photo sites.

The big difference between 88% and other stock photo sites, is our photographers get 88% of the sale price directly into their pockets.

What countries will be able to purchase photos on 88%?

We have numerous payment systems in place but because we are a truly international site, if you don't see your preferred payment method please contact us immediately and we will find suitable solution.

How soon will my photo be visible on the website after I submit it?

There is a screening process that takes place before any photo is added to the website.  Photos are generally visible within 24 hours of submission.

How do I get paid?

Every contributor has an account with 88% that can be accessed 24/7 on our website.  You can withdraw your funds as soon as they are available.